Battlefield 1 Revival


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#100DaysToOffload >> 2020-05-19 >> 021/100

Since it was announced that Battlefield V will stop receiving earlier than expected, the general feeling in the Battlefield community has been to play the older titles in the series. After all, the game is still not fun to play and knowing that will be no brighter future, why bother?

I've played Battlefield 1 a few times lately, but I have noticed only today that there was a "Back To Basics" game mode loaded on many servers. And it is a game changer, no pun intended.

Battlefield games are crazy. Massive amounts of infantry, vehicles, planes, all at the same time. But recently, I've been enjoying a more tactical approach to the game genre that are best represented by Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose. No running around in those games, it's all about teamplay, intelligence and tactical movement.

The new (reintroduced?) "Back To Basics" game mode in Battlefield 1 completely changes the games and almost turns it into a tactical shooter. Vehicles cannot be used and all infantry use one and the same rifle that historically was used by their faction. Not only is this immersive, the lack of excessively powerful machine guns makes the game much more reliant on flanking and proper teamplay. It is hard for individuals to excel, they can't use their favorite weapon of choice optimised for clearing an entire room. You need your teammates now.

Only downside: the base game obviously wasn't designed for such a game mode and after playing a few rounds of Grand Operations, I've yet to see an attacking team win.

For some casual teambased shooting with a tactical twist, Battlefield 1 has become an excellent choice. Unlike Battlefield V, I just cannot see this game phase out of popularity anytime soon.