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FOSDEM 2023 was fun and my talk on my project Keyoxide was well received! Getting back to work.


Yarmo Mackenbach

FOSS advocate
Rust/NodeJS/web programmer
Developer of Keyoxide
Finished a PhD project in Neurosciences

OpenPGP fingerprint: 9F0048AC0B23301E1F77E994909F6BD6F80F485D
OpenPGP key: armored key · binary key

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Online presence


· How not to use a password manager
· Matrix Synapse: migrating from Cloudron to ansible
· InfluxDB 2 migration
· A playerctl module for polybar
· playerctl: get currently playing music
· GPG import public key from smartcard
· Wireguard and docker: providing VPN access to arbitrary containers
· My wtwitch setup
· The Burden of Christmas, exemplified
· My 2020s Christmas Gift Pledge
· Keyoxide Project Update #5
· Keyoxide Project Update #4
· A personal transformation
· Keyoxide Project Update #3
· Keyoxide Project Update #2
· Keyoxide CLI released
· Keyoxide Project Update #1
· The Post-MomentJS Era
· Flipper Zero and their "Limited" pledges
· Keyoxide 1.0.0: switched to AGPL-v3
· Traefik: managing both HTTP and HTTPS connections separately
· Keyoxide and XMPP + OMEMO
· ELIUF: Explain Like I Use Facebook
· Quick comparison: Plausible vs logs
· The Future of Online Identity is Decentralized
· State of the Keybase.io website
· Transcript of a strange call
· Launching Keyoxide.org
· Webmentiond FTW
· Github is sinking
· Set default git branch to main
· Added /now, /feeds, /uses
· No to .io, yes to .xyz!
· OPSV: Open PGP Signature Verification
· Website is now open source!
· Start of the Plausible experiment
· About my avatar
· Friendly reminder to clean your NUC's fan
· Optimizing the website's load performance
· The Case of the Missing Entropy
· Invidious
· How does a textbook 'Embrace, Extend, Extinguish' operation work?
· Ending #100DaysToOffload
· A new Projects section
· LunaSea: FOSS FTW
· Battlefield 1 Revival
· Mailvelope: PGP for all
· Why we won't have artificial intelligence rivaling human intelligence
· Proposal for a Distributed Content Verification System
· A place for notes
· Introduction to PiHole
· Traefik migrated to v2
· Time to #DeleteKeybase
· My homelab crashed, time for a break?
· Search engine indexing: DDG vs Google
· Varken: Plex monitoring solution
· Taking a break from raid
· Selfhost email… But should you?
· Selfhost email
· A response to ICANN's refusal to sell .ORG
· The People's Web
· Typography · Ellipsis
· Missed a day
· Building my first PC
· Gaming to relax
· #100DaysToOffload
· So you want to make it on the fediverse?
· Selfhosted email: DNS records
· IMPUC #1 · Homelab overview
· A PhD Post-Mortem



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