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Mail *
Delta Chat **
Matrix **
Wire **@yarmo
Briar **acdxuw4lym5l77ezsonbswj3aerwphckgnnrskokxw3t3mz3ncxq4
Session *0526f4bf4feb46f61b3382b317276ec2e207d75b11c995d41a78c1f4f2cefbcd5f
Tox *AD4EF6D540949E55A666D8D7BF58EF5422A91F0C99EE334ADBB7123189C4C17A640915B3CC64
Signal *ask me on any platform above
Manyverseask me on any platform above

** Excellent for secure messaging
* Adequate for secure messaging

>> How to send an encrypted message

If you wish to send me an encrypted message and make sure that I and only I can read it, use any of the instant messaging services marked with ** (preferred) or * from the list above.

If you do not have accounts on any of the services above and/or prefer email, use any of the two guides below.

Using Keyoxide (easy)

  1. Visit my Keyoxide profile.
  2. Press the encrypt message link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Write the message in the big textarea.
  4. Press the ENCRYPT MESSAGE button and copy the encrypted content.
  5. Send an email with the encrypted content to

Using the Kleopatra software (advanced)

  1. Download my public key.
  2. Download Kleopatra (Linux - Windows - Chocolatey) and run it.
  3. Press Import and locate the file downloaded in the first step.
  4. You may be asked to "Certify" the public key. This is optional (read below) and can be skipped.
  5. Go to the Notepad section.
  6. After you are done writing your message, go to the Recipients tab and choose Yarmo Mackenbach in the Encrypt for others: field.
  7. Return to the Notepad tab and press the Encrypt Notepad button.
  8. Copy the entire message that is now displayed and send it to

"Certifying" my key via Kleopatra requires you to make your own keypair. To manually verify the validity of my public key, right-click on my key, press on Details and make sure the fingerprint matches my PGP signature.

Getting an encrypted response

If you would like to get an encrypted response from me, please include the public key of your personal keypair or upload it to a key server.

If you do not have a personal keypair yet, both Mailvelope and Kleopatra allow you to generate a new keypair. The public part of your keypair can be used by anyone to encrypt their messages to you, and the secret part MUST REMAIN SECRET and can be used by you AND ONLY YOU to decrypt those messages.

Please note that dealing with PGP keys is advanced stuff: if you are not comfortable with PGP, let's talk using any of the encrypted instant messaging tools listed above.