Friendly reminder to clean your NUC's fan


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Intel NUCs make for some great low-entry-barrier low-power-consumption servers and homelabs. I have three NUCs at home, two of which have played a server role. They span several generations: a 5i3, a 7i7 and a 8i5.

And they all have one thing in common: sooner or later, their fans clog up with dust, they heat up, they make more noise and perform worse.

If you haven't cleaned the fan in a while, your best bet is to open the NUC up and clean the fan and the exhaust.

To prevent having to open a NUC up too often, I bought a few cans of compressed air and regularly blow air through the device. I'm also looking into placing air filters near the air intake.

NUC cools down when fan is cleaned
Can you tell when compressed air was applied to the NUC?